About Us

Our mission is to facilitate the advancement of Marketing Ops and empower MO Pros everywhere through educational and entertaining content, resources, research & events; centered around a diverse and inclusive community.

Our Vision

We aspire to set the standard for Marketing Operations.

Our Values

  • Community-led: We are built by MO Pros, for MO Pros
  • Inclusive: while celebrating the diversity of people and technology
  • Educational: and learning with and from MO Pros & other experts
  • Entertaining: to create an enjoyable experience
  • Empowering: so we can impact the lives and careers of MO Pros everywhere

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a community-led business, providing a safe space is critical to ensuring that learning and career opportunities are equally available to all. In an effort to be inclusive in the way we conduct business and interact with the community and our industry, here are some initiatives that we take pride in:

Our Initiatives:

  • Strive for speaker diversity at our events*
  • Diversity among our staff and contractors
  • Diversity among our ambassadors
  • Partner with organizations that prioritize and share our views on the importance of diversity


*We recognize that each discussion may not be as diverse as we would like, but we really do wish to find a diverse representation of MO Pros for all our events.

MarketingOps.com Team

  • Mike Rizzo, CEO & Founder
  • Dan Mott, COO & Co-Founder
  • Audrey Harze, Director, Marketing Ops
  • Leon Gogiqi, Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Anton Ryzhkov, Creative Director
  • Sid Khaitan, Campaign Manager
  • Apoorva Pillutla, Membership Coordinator