Navigating the Aftermath: Your Company's Latest Acquisition and What It Means for You

Navigating the Aftermath Your Companys Latest Acquisition and What It Means for You

One morning, you wake up to the news that your company has acquired another business. You’re tasked with initiating discussions on integrating the acquired company’s data and tools into your existing processes and workflows. Having encountered similar situations countless times in my career as a Marketing Ops professional, I’ve developed a systematic approach to guide

Planning for 2024: Insights from the 2023 State of the Marketing Ops Pro Report

ipad mockup 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, forward-thinking Marketing Operations professionals are already setting their sights on 2024. Whether you’re a practitioner on the front lines, a team leader orchestrating multiple campaigns, or an executive strategizing the next big move, planning is paramount.  The insights we’ve gathered from the 2023 State of the MO Pro

Centralized-ish: The New Standard for Scaling Marketo Campaigns

Centralized-ish: The New Standard for Scaling Marketo Campaigns

No two organizations approach campaign execution the same way. Some may view campaign execution as on-off emails and batch and blast sends, while for others, it’s more landing pages that support digital and in-person events and ebooks. At the end of the day, campaign execution is a wide-ranging term that encompasses all the campaign-focused work

5 Ways to Elevate Your In-House Marketing Operations Team

5 Ways to Elevate Your In-House Marketing Operations Team

After working in the agency setting for two years and reflecting on my previous experiences as a Marketo consultant and leader in various companies, I often find myself thinking about what I could have done differently. Here are five key insights I’ve gained from my time in an agency and what I wish I implemented

3 Ways to Reduce Zapier High Task Use

Zapier high task use spiraling out of control? Take back control by streamlining and optimizing your zaps to not only reduce task usage but also make them easier to maintain

Marketo Design Studio Upload Via API

Your marketing team churning out content? Uploading this content to the Marketo Design Studio and setting up content performance tracking programs taking up a lot of your time? Take a look at how you can automate this process using the Marketo, Dropbox, Rebrandly, and Airtable APIs in Zapier.

Marketo Program Cloning Via API

Fingers cramping up from all the clicking you are doing to clone that boatload of Marketo programs? Learn how you can automate Marketo Program Cloning using the Marketo REST API and Zapier according to monthly, quarterly, or yearly cadences.

Marketo Anonymous Leads & Attribution

This post sets out to demistify the enigma of Marketo anonymous leads and how they interact with your attribution smart campaigns. Once we have gone through the quirks of tracking attribution for Marketo anonymous leads I will show you how to modify your smart campaigns so that these leads will always get their first and last touch attribution fields set correctly.