The New Marketing Operations Hire 30-60-90 Day Plan

30 60 90 day marketing operations new hire plan

It’s your first day in a new job. Congrats! Feeling overwhelmed yet? When a company decides to open a new marketing operations position, it’s usually because something is already broken and needs fixing. Before you jump straight into problem-solving mode, consider how you can use your first 90 days to prove your value as a

Communication In Marketing Operations

The essence of who we are as people equates to the definition of communication, which by Merriam-Webster, is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.” While it seems very simple, it sometimes is more challenging than expected.    I had a chance to speak

Marketo UTM Tracking & Automation

Marketo UTM tracking program details

Take the first step towards becoming an attribution master by learning how to set up Marketo UTM tracking programs and smart campaigns to match website visitors to particular ad campaigns, set first and latest touch attribution fields, and track downstream conversions to signup or contact sales forms.

How to use Zapier with Google Sheets

Google Sheets data being accessed in a Zap action in Zapier

Integrating Google Sheets with Zapier will allow you to unlock a whole new array of automation possibilities for the data in your spreadsheets. This post will show you how to use Zapier with Google Sheets by walking through the 3 different options for importing data into Zapier using the Google Sheets app.

Zapier Google Sheets Lookup Value

Timestamp being used as the Google Sheets lookup value in Zapier

When trying to pull a specific row from your Google Sheet into Zapier you can use a lookup value dynamically populated with a variable from a previous step. This is useful but the real power of using the Google Sheets lookup value in Zapier comes when you need to import large amounts of data into your zap.

Zapier Import Multiple Rows from Google Sheets

Button in Google Sheets to trigger a Google Script to send multiple rows to Zapier

Anyone who has worked with Google Sheets in Zapier is likely to have run into the issue of needing to import more than the 20-row maximum imposed when using the Google Sheets app. This post will show you how to overcome this limitation and import multiple rows from Google Sheets into Zapier using some JavaScript and webhooks.

Zapier Nested Looping using Webhooks & Python

Zapier nested looping horizontal flow diagram

Banging your head against the wall because of the 500 iteration limit on the “Looping by Zapier” action? Well make like Freddie Mercury and break free by using webhooks and Python in Zapier to achieve nested looping so that you can do as many iterations as you need!

How do your marketing efforts stack up?

There’s a lot going on for marketers right now.  The massive shift to digital marketing caused by the pandemic has led to more demands on marketing teams to create more emails and landing pages than ever before — but they’re having a hard time keeping up. The current labor shortage is making it increasingly difficult