Zapier Import Multiple Rows from Google Sheets

Button in Google Sheets to trigger a Google Script to send multiple rows to Zapier

Anyone who has worked with Google Sheets in Zapier is likely to have run into the issue of needing to import more than the 20-row maximum imposed when using the Google Sheets app. This post will show you how to overcome this limitation and import multiple rows from Google Sheets into Zapier using some JavaScript and webhooks.

Zapier Nested Looping using Webhooks & Python

Zapier nested looping horizontal flow diagram

Banging your head against the wall because of the 500 iteration limit on the “Looping by Zapier” action? Well make like Freddie Mercury and break free by using webhooks and Python in Zapier to achieve nested looping so that you can do as many iterations as you need!

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Zapier Loop Array with Nesting

Flow diagram of nested looping in Zapier using webhooks

If you have done any looping within Zapier you have most likely been frustrated by the 500 iteration limit imposed on the Zapier loop array action. Never fear this post will show you how you can loop to your heart’s content using nested looping in Zapier.

Zapier Loop Action

Zapier loop action workflow

With the amount of data being collected and the number of tasks to be completed for this data increasing, the ability to iterate and perform actions for each row in a dataset is vitally important for the marketing operations lead. This post will show you how to use a Zapier loop action to loop through and update rows of a Google sheet to give you a solid foundation that you can then build upon in your own Zaps.

Zapier Looping Through Line Items

Zapier loop through line items actions

The Zapier loop through line items action is a godsend! For those of us who have been duct taping together ways to loop through Google Sheets in Zapier, this action finally simplifies the process of looping through line items. Now you can perform tasks in bulk for each row in your sheet easily and quickly so you can get back to the important stuff!

Zapier Loop Through Array from Google Sheets

Zapier loop through array workflow

Have large amounts of data in Google Sheets that you need to loop through but you’re not sure what is the best way import the data and then act on it? Then you’ve come to the right place! This post will show you how to use Zapier to loop through arrays imported from Google Sheets so that you can carry out actions in bulk for each of the array values as shown in the flow diagram below.

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Zapier Looping Quick-Start Guide

Zapier Loop Through Line Items action setup

Explore all the ways to setup a Zapier for each loop using the 3 native “Looping by Zapier” actions or your own custom definitions within “Code by Zapier” actions in Python or Javascript and how you can overcome Zapier’s 500 iteration or 10 second timeout limits using nested loops.

Zapier & Google Sheets Quick-Start Guide

A screenshot of some of the Zapier Google Sheets actions

Wondering about the best option for importing your Google Sheets data into Zapier? Or maybe you’re frustrated by the inability of the Zapier Google Sheets actions to import than 20 rows? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! This post will walk you through the best way to import data from Google Sheets into Zapier based on how many rows or how much data you want to import.