Zapier Nested Looping using Webhooks & Python

Zapier nested looping horizontal flow diagram

Banging your head against the wall because of the 500 iteration limit on the “Looping by Zapier” action? Well make like Freddie Mercury and break free by using webhooks and Python in Zapier to achieve nested looping so that you can do as many iterations as you need!

Zapier Loop Array with Nesting

Flow diagram of nested looping in Zapier using webhooks

If you have done any looping within Zapier you have most likely been frustrated by the 500 iteration limit imposed on the Zapier loop array action. Never fear this post will show you how you can loop to your heart’s content using nested looping in Zapier.

Zapier Looping Quick-Start Guide

Zapier Loop Through Line Items action setup

Explore all the ways to setup a Zapier for each loop using the 3 native “Looping by Zapier” actions or your own custom definitions within “Code by Zapier” actions in Python or Javascript and how you can overcome Zapier’s 500 iteration or 10 second timeout limits using nested loops.

Populating Marketo Dynamic Email Content via API

Zapier actions to create and then update Marketo Dynamic Email Content Sections

Take your email marketing to the next level by using Marketo dynamic email content to tailor the content that each of your customer segments gets served. Since you are interested in this advanced email feature in Marketo and I am guessing you want to become even more of a power user, I will also show you how to streamline your entire email creation process using the Marketo API, Google Sheets, and Zapier.

Zapier Approval Workflow with Slack Alerts

Zapier approval workflow overview

Have you ever been afraid of automating something in Zapier because you’re afraid of the consequences if the zap ran without manual oversight? Now you can put that worry to bed thanks to the Zapier approval action, which will pause your zap until a manual review has been conducted and the zap has been approved to progress. So whether it is automating your social media posting, sending SMS notifications to your customers, or merging leads you can now do this in confidence.

Sub-Zap by Zapier Quick-Start Guide

Sub-Zap overview in Zapier

Do you often find yourself repeating the same actions across different zaps in Zapier? Well, then the Sub-Zap by Zapier action was made just for you! You can take all those grouped actions that you use repeatedly across your zaps and put them in a single sub-zap that you can then request from any other zap in Zapier.

Marketo Merge Automatically with Zapier

Automatic Marketo Merge Zap in Zapier

Your duplicate list becoming ever more daunting? Stop the rot by learning how to build an “Automatic Marketo Merge” zap in Zapier that will merge duplicate leads as soon as they are created according to custom rules you specify.

Marketo Merge Leads in Bulk using the API

Marketo merge leads Python script flow diagram

This post will walk you through how to use the Marketo merge leads REST API endpoint to merge leads in bulk with Python code that will allow you to set custom rules for how you want to prioritize conflicting values for the same fields on different leads.

Marketo Easy Merge Alternative

Marketo Easy Merge Alternative using Python and the Marketo REST API

There are three options to merge duplicates in Marketo: Manually (read Painfully), Pay-nfully, and Automatically. In the case that you want to avoid pay-nful services like Marketo Easy Merge, the Marketo REST API is a great option to merge your duplicates in bulk, according to custom rules that you specify in your code.

The power of Zapier & Marketo’s Custom Activities API

Zapier for Marketo Custom Activities API

Hey, y’all…thanks for clicking on my article. If you’re a MOPs guy/gal like me, there’s a good chance that at some point in time, you’ve had to integrate another tool into Marketo…shoutout to Zapier 🙌🏻 There are out-of-the-box triggers and actions for Marketo in Zapier, but they’re kinda lame and leave a lot to be