The New Four Pillars of Marketing Operations

The New Four Pillars of Marketing Operations

Created with the assistance of DALL·E Introduction and Background In 2018, Edward Unthank introduced the four pillars of marketing operations, setting the stage for the management of effective marketing technology (Martech) functions. These pillars have since been the bedrock for many successful careers in marketing operations. My journey to redefine these pillars began in late

The Role of Front-End Martech Tools in the Age of Generative AI

The Role of Front-End Martech Tools in the Age of Generative AI

Introduction: Blending Human and Technical Perspectives in Martech Caption: Future gardens of martech will blend human and AI perspectives As a co-host of the Humans of Martech podcast, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some of the brightest minds in marketing technology. This unique experience has provided a blend of human and technical perspectives in Acquires MartechGuru Tech Stack Management

Essential Capabilities are Now Folded into the Company’s Own Community-Led Platform ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Nov. 6, 2023 —, the community-led platform and private network for marketing operations professionals, today announces it has acquired MartechGuru. As was created to elevate and enable marketing operations professionals to become successful in their careers, MartechGuru’s tech stack management solution seamlessly

3 Ways to Reduce Zapier High Task Use

Zapier high task use spiraling out of control? Take back control by streamlining and optimizing your zaps to not only reduce task usage but also make them easier to maintain

Marketo Design Studio Upload Via API

Your marketing team churning out content? Uploading this content to the Marketo Design Studio and setting up content performance tracking programs taking up a lot of your time? Take a look at how you can automate this process using the Marketo, Dropbox, Rebrandly, and Airtable APIs in Zapier.

Marketo Program Cloning Via API

Fingers cramping up from all the clicking you are doing to clone that boatload of Marketo programs? Learn how you can automate Marketo Program Cloning using the Marketo REST API and Zapier according to monthly, quarterly, or yearly cadences.

Marketo Anonymous Leads & Attribution

This post sets out to demistify the enigma of Marketo anonymous leads and how they interact with your attribution smart campaigns. Once we have gone through the quirks of tracking attribution for Marketo anonymous leads I will show you how to modify your smart campaigns so that these leads will always get their first and last touch attribution fields set correctly.

Marketo Period Costs Bulk Update Via API

Want to start analyzing ad campaign costs and cost per lead in Marketo but you’re daunted by the thought of manually uploading thousands of Marketo period costs? Save all the fear for Halloween, this post will show you how to bulk update your Marketo period costs using Python and the Marketo REST API.