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  • The MO Pros MAP Maintenance Survey – Too many forms? Too many workflows? Help create a leading solution to maintain Marketing Automation Platforms.
  • Upcoming Webinar: How do UTMs and UTM Conventions Actually Work?
  • 🏆 The Top 33 MO Pros: Jan 2021 are… scroll to the bottom to see if you’ve won $33! Claim your winnings by emailing Mike
  • Ep. 1 & 2 of 🎙️Ops Cast by MO Pros; a radio talk show for Marketing Ops Pros by Marketing Ops Pros. Hosted by Michael Hartmann, Mike Rizzo, and Naomi Liu.
  • NO BS Martech Demos (4) from MartechGuru, RingLead, StackMoxie, and Personalize.
  • Partner Offers Now Available from StackMoxie, Unbounce, MouseFlow, InScycle, (more coming soon)…
  • Three Fresh Blog Posts: 
  • A selection of posts and questions from the forum
    (for this, you have to read below… or click)
  • $11,600 in referral bonuses (❤️Candidate+ 22 Jobs from these companies: Kicksaw, PandaDoc, Bright MD, Yext (x2), Alight Solutions, Optive, Nudge, AuditBoard, Okta, CS2, Impulse Creative, Ciena, Remotish, Culter Amp, Tealium
  • Become an Ambassador – Private group in the forum, exclusive first-look access to content, programs, and help shape the future of MO Pros. Also, we’ll publish your content on the blog and elevate YOU!
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Too many forms? Too many workflows? Help create a leading solution to maintain Marketing Automation Platforms.

️Ops Cast by MO Pros

A radio talk show for Marketing Ops Pros
by Marketing Ops Pros.

Hosted by Michael Hartmann, Mike Rizzo, and Naomi Liu.

Listen to Ep. 1 & 2 of 🎙Ops Cast by MO Pros

Ops Cast template
OpsCast Ep2

Three Fresh Blog Posts

MO Pro Blog KPI 02

MO Pros Founder, Mike Rizzo asks: What are some of your core KPIs as a Marketing Ops Professional?

It sparked a conversation in the MO Pros community forum that got us excited, so we decided to explore a bit further.

First off, let’s take a look at Stephen Stouffer’s response where he lists a few of his top metrics, including:

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Pardreamin Dynamic Content Stephen Stouffer

In this interactive blog – we talk about Pardot Dynamic Content and how it can be used within your marketing programs.

During this ParDreamin’ 2020 session, Stephen Stouffer talks about Pardot Dynamic Content and how it can be used throughout Pardot. Be warned It’s a fast pace video! So if anyone has questions or would like to dive deeper, find me in the MO Pros Community! 🙂

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Market API Quick Start Guide

If you are doing any repetitive work within Marketo e.g. bulk merging leads, bulk creating programs etc then you should look into using the Marketo API within code scripts or an automation tool such as Zapier to automate these processes.

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NO Bullsh*t Demos 💡🎥🎬

  • Tired of filling out forms?
  • Tired of getting spammy sales calls and emails?
  • Tired of unsubscribing?
  • Then watch some No Bullsh*t Demos and tell us who to demo next!
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Member-Only Partner Offers

StackMoxie – MarTech Stack Report or 90% off a Small Account

Mouseflow – 2,500 free recording credits – the same as the one-month STARTER plan

Any.do – 50% off your subscription

InSycle – 15% off your first year subscription

❗ IMPORTANT; You’ll need to be logged in to the website to see the offers.
Want to create an offer (or know someone or a brand that might)? Let’s talk.

💬 Community Discussions

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💼 Latest Job Postings

Supported by our sponsor Candidate
Candidate Jobs and Referrals

When you refer your network to these opportunities you can earn a referral bonus!

Director of Revenue Operations – $2400 Referral Bonus

  • Own, organize and efficiently scale the GTM technology stack, with a plan that spans 3-5 years of significant growth
  • Be the connective tissue between GTM teams’ tools and processes enabling them to deliver a cohesive customer journey
  • Define and implement processes that allow a rapidly growing team to scale effectively
  • Successful referrals will have experience a with land and expand GTM motion; and leadership experience in marketing, sales and/or customer success operations
  • Compensation: $140-160k + equity
  • Location: Seattle preferred; open to remote

Marketing Manager – $2400 Referral Bonus

  • Create a paid media strategy – collaborate with the core team to execute
  • Own and report on KPIs / establish A/B testing processes to drive retention and loyalty
  • Introduce new experiments new experiment to the current acquisition strategy
  • Successful referrals will have B2C paid or lifecycle marketing experience w/in a hypergrowth environment (4+ yrs exp)
  • Compensation: $90-110k + equity
  • Location: Remote in the US

Senior Performance Marketer – $3200 Referral Bonus

  • Optimize owned marketing channels (primarily email, SEO and website)
  • Experiment in paid channels using highly targeted messaging and customer personas
  • Later, invest in paid channels with highest ROI
  • Successful referrals will have experience with b2b or dtc saas products (not dtc consumer brands); email, SEO and paid channel; and top of funnel/customer acquisition
  • Compensation: $120-160k + equity
  • Location: Remote in U.S. (HQ: NYC)

Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager – $3600 Referral Bonus

  • Build lifecycle marketing framework from the ground up, starting with email, website chat and in-app
  • Experiment with channels and optimize for ROI
  • Partner with Sales and Customer Success to deliver campaigns around feature releases
  • Successful referrals will have experience building and executing b2b saas email and chat lifecycle campaigns; both top of funnel/customer acquisition and collaboration software (Asana, Smartsheets, etc.) experience is a plus
  • Compensation: $115-135k + equity
  • Location: Remote in U.S. (HQ: Seattle)

More opportunities that have been recently posted on the website or directly in the #hiring channel on Slack:

  1. Kicksaw – Marketing Operations Project Manager | MO Pros
  2. Lee Mayfield (MO Pro member) – Director of Marketing Operations
  3. PandaDoc – Marketing Ops Manager – PandaDoc
  4. Bright MD – Sales Operations Manager
  5. Yext – Senior Manager, Marketing Operations & Data
  6. Yext – Performance Marketing Manager
  7. Alight Solutions – Sr. Manager, Marketing Automation & Operations
  8. Optiv – Marketo Coordinator
  9. Nudge – Marketing Ops Specialist
  10. AuditBoard – Marketing Operations Manager
  11. Okta – Marketing Automation Specialist, EMEA
  12. CS2 – Marketing Ops Consultant (Marketo/Salesforce) – REMOTE
  13. Impulse Creative – RevOps Strategy Lead
  14. Ciena – Marketing Operations Specialist
  15. Vidyard – Marketing Automation Specialist
  16. Remotish – Digital Project Strategist – Remotish
  17. Culter Amp – Marketing Operations Lead
  18. Tealium – Marketing Operations Manager (Remote)

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Use the Community Forum and if you’re in the top 33 you’ll have a chance to help design and receive NEW MO Pros Swag.

#1    Stephanie P
#2    Andrea Lechner-Becker
#3    Steve Pogue
#4    emma
#5    Michael Hartmann
#6    Jen Bergren
#7    Phil Allen
#8    Tyron Pretorius
#9    Paolo Negrini
#10    Brian Leonard
#11    Jessica Meyers
#12    Rob Walter
#13    AJ Sedlak
#14    Owen Millard
#15    Mike MacFarlane
#16    Michael Tucker
#17    Damon Gudaitis
#18    JacksonTFisher
#19    Lisa schultz
#20    Marc Sirkin
#21    Phil Gamache
#22    Kyle Hamer
#23    Sheryl Schultz
#24    DJ Shirley
#25    Caleb Trecek
#26    MH Lines
#27    mitch619
#28    Amit Jain
#29    Drew Smith
#30    sylvain
#31    Naomi Liu
#32    Royce Rowan
#33    Chris Breuer

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