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We are looking for a Senior Project Manager who loves creating and managing innovative processes for our team as we work to deliver best-in-class results to our clients.

In this role you will develop and lead the execution of project plans and cross-team coordination of internal and external stakeholders to drive alignment across a variety of different industries and technology platforms.


Project Discovery with the Strategic and Technical Leads

  • Presents the Stacked project management process to clients; captures and implements any requested adjustments.
  • Works with clients to identify relevant areas of discovery and to provide the access and direction required for Stacked to identify problems and opportunities.
  • Schedules discovery sessions with relevant stakeholders; records discovery session outcomes.
  • Consolidates all discovery notes and works with Stacked to develop a proposed program scope and plan for addressing clients’ key problems and opportunities.
  • Understands clients’ preferred project management methodology and terminology for the various project lifecycle stages; works with the client to translate this terminology into the terms and definitions used by Stacked.
  • Navigates clients through proposals, assists in project prioritization, and ensures any proposed projects requiring cross-functional buy-in and coordination are highlighted.

Drives the Project Planning Process

  • Proactively coordinates between Stacked and client to define and capture all requirements, inter-project dependencies, intra-project dependencies, cross functional dependencies, and risks for projects.
  • Proactively identifies requirements that are opaque, unfinished, or missing and works with the client and internal team to complete and align on these requirements.
  • Runs group estimation exercises or works with individual project stakeholders to establish effort, impact, and time estimations for projects tasks.  
  • Generates formal project charters, work breakdown structures, project management plans, and gantt charts for all client projects.
  • Translates formal project planning documentation into actionable milestones, tasks, subtasks, epics, stories, or requirements in relevant project management tools such as Asana or Jira. 

Manages and Updates Project Documentation and Software

Scope Management

  • Guides clients through a formal change management process.
  • Regularly coordinates with stakeholders to review and validate change requests, requirements, and status of key deliverables.
  • Tactfully communicates with clients when requests are out of scope; proactively suggests solutions (reprioritization, etc.).
  • Adjusts project plans to reflect approved scope changes.

Schedule Management

  • Proactively checks in with stakeholders to confirm or update estimated delivery dates.
  • Adjusts project schedule when scope is changed, estimations are corrected, or risks are incurred.
  • Communicates tasks that are off track or at risk of being off track and works collaboratively with clients and team mates to devise solutions to get tasks on track.
  • Maintains awareness of the capacity and availability of all project stakeholders.

Risk Management

  • Identifies obstacles and risks that could impact project deliverables, timelines, quality, scope, budget, or resources and develops risk mitigation strategies.
  • Proactively communicates issues and risks to stakeholders.
  • Recommends and implement risk mitigation strategies.
  • Updates project documents and tasks to reflect changes to existing risks or newly identified risks.
  • Creates weekly status reports to share with clients and discuss new risks / issues. 

Quality Management

  • Works with clients to define clear criteria for project success.
  • Identifies and resolves misalignments between client teams, client and internal teams, and internal teams.Incorporates processes and milestones for formal approvals from stakeholders across all teams.
  • Sets meetings between misaligned stakeholders, facilitates conversation until alignment is achieved, communicates meeting outcomes to relevant stakeholders, and incorporates any action items into project documentation.
  • Adjusts project plans to ensure cross-functional dependencies and availability are captured.

Holds stakeholders accountable while ensuring they have the information and resources required to perform effectively

  • Sets clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations for each stakeholder on each project.
  • Conducts frequent Stacked team stand ups and meetings to review project status, brainstorm, and resolve issues.
  • Records, consolidates, shares, and applies feedback to the project management process.
  • Ensures all stakeholders follow the stacked project management approach and utilize Asana on a daily basis.
  • Maintains currency of Google Drive project folders.
  • Updates project documents, or creates new versions of project documents, to ensure all documentation clearly articulates any differences between current and past project information.

Organizes and leads recurring and ad hoc project meetings to maintain alignment between the internal team and the client. 

  • Evaluates and proactively communicates project updates, status, issues, and risks to all project stakeholders
  • Creates meeting agendas, project initiation presentations, and project status reports to guide client conversations at the executive and stakeholder levels.
  • Documents meeting outcomes including key decisions to share with internal teams.
  • Actively participates in client meetings; can deliver instructions in a clear and concise manner, providing proper materials and documentation when necessary.

Skills Required:

  • In-depth knowledge of digital marketing (eg. SEO, paid media, content marketing, analytics).
  • Keeps fluent with emerging technologies and tools that will keep our clients innovative in their marketing approach.
  • Can independently manage multiple clients in various work streams simultaneously.
  • Deeply familiar with multiple project management methodologies [PMI’s 5 Stages of Project Management, APM Framework, SCRUM, Waterfall Methodology, and DMAIC] and is able to combine methodologies when a hybrid approach may be required.
    Proficient with project management software and how to use it to drive transparency and accountability. (Asana experience is a must).
  • Strong communication and presentation skills – is able to drive alignment through written and spoken word, speak to clients regarding project deliverables, requirements, etc with authority, and tactfully resolve conflict.
  • Possesses diplomacy and negotiation skills – knowing when and how to escalate and hold team members accountable.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Operations, or Marketing (preferred).
  • PMP or PMI-ACP certification (preferred)

Experience Required:

  • 5+ years in project management, preferably in a marketing, marketing tech, or engineering team.
  • 3+ years of managing projects in a client facing role.
  • Worked with an early stage start-up or boutique consulting firm.


We offer the opportunity and flexibility of a startup with the salary, security, benefits, and scaled impact of a big firm. As a small senior team, Stacked offers significant growth potential and ownership of your domain.

Salary + Bonus: $70,000-$110,000


  • Revenue sharing bonus structure
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Remote-first culture
  • Friday Deep Work Days: We dedicate every Friday to deep work. This means, external meetings, no calls, structured deep work sessions (exceptions apply)
  • $1500 for equipment and office setup allowance
  • $1000 per calendar year for continuing education
  • $600/month contribution for premium-covered healthcare + dental + vision coverage for you (and partner or family)
    In this current round, we are only accepting applications from US residents and can not provide working visas.


What to expect from the screening process: 

No cover letter necessary. To apply just email [email protected] with your resume. 

Application questions: A set of questions to help identify whether your skills and interests match the position. 

Introductory chat: A conversation with a Stacked team member where you can ask questions about the team and the role and we can get to know you beyond your application. 

Solve some puzzles: We will provide a set of exercises and problem sets that will reflect the technical and collaborative capabilities you’ll need to be successful at the role. 

This will provide us with a sense of how your current strengths and weaknesses line up with the daily activities in the role. It will also give you an opportunity to see how you enjoy solving the puzzles you’ll encounter at Stacked.

Virtual Onsite: Interview with your potential future team members. These interviews will cover technical, work process, and managerial aspects of the job function. You’ll also have time to ask questions of the team. 

References: We will ask to speak to two or three people who can provide insight into how you work, your opportunities for growth, and the best way to set you up for success. 

Our Decision: If you’re selected we will provide an offer in line with the compensation listed below. We will also connect you with team members and resources to support you in making your decision. If you are not selected at this round we will provide context and constructive feedback at your request.

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