Marketo + Google Sheet Hack for Online Event Management

0 1I wanted to share a Marketo hack that we just implemented at my company in case it is helpful for you as well. Big shout out to my web developer for discovering and implementing this solution!


As many of our offline events are turning virtual, my team is being slammed with webinar projects (really testing that Marketo <> Webex integration here). Additionally, all of our marketing business partners want a consolidated place to list all of their webinars (because, why wouldn’t you?) and to also be able to update “Register” links with “Watch Video” links post event.

  • Constant changes to webinar dates and times
  • Tons of new additions/deletions
  • Updating of old events to include recorded link, etc
When you potentially multiple this by 6 business units, multiple languages and any number of “webinar sets” you can see how this simple ask was starting to give me night sweats.
  • Connect a Google Sheet to a Marketo LP
  • Share edit access to the Google Sheet with the marketing business partner
  • Have them maintain their own page (each column in the Google sheet is one of the rows in the LP

Join the community to learn more about the details behind this hack.

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