Events by MarketingOps

Join us for virtual and in person events to help elevate your career a current or aspiring Marketing Operations and Revenue Operations professional.

In-Person Events

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We’re always looking for more ways to bring MO Pros together to help with everything from professional development, to training, and general networking. Keep an eye out for events such as Summer Camp and local MO Pros meetups organized by community members.


Career Fair

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The biggest online career fair for Marketing and Revenue Operations professionals is one of our most exciting events. Companies across the globe come to pitch their roles while members engage in learning discussions and presentations.

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Marketing Ops Workshops

Our Ambassadors will help pull together free workshops from fellow Marketing Operations Pros. Each session typically falls into one of four categories:

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Creative Workshop

What are the latest creative tactics that are being used to build audience engagement?
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  • Voice Search
  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Video
  • The Creative Process

Mentorship Workshop

Smaller private groups focused on mentorship from experienced marketers working with a group of new marketers on their career goals.

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  • How do identify the next step in your career path?
  • What is the right way to grow your business?
  • What is the right way to build your team?
  • How do handle difficult situations in your career?
  • What certificate should I focus on for my situation?

Strategy Workshop

Senior Marketing Leadership giving guidance around Corporate and Marketing Strategy used in deploying their Marketing Technology stack.

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  • Running a Discovery session with a new organization that’s interested in Marketing Technology updates
  • Business Process Mapping to document and streamline Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Navigating the relationship with Marketing and Sales
  • Choosing a MAP that is best suited for your organization

Technical Workshop

Experienced Developers and DevOps leaders walking through detailed series of learning sessions around technical topics such as:

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  • Front End Development (Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Responsive Design)
  • Relationship DBMS (Entity-Relationships for common MAPs)
  • Cloud Computing (Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud)
  • Data Mining (Python, R, and SAS sessions)
  • Retiring 3rd party cookies
  • API Development