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Members get a free Pitchfire account. Sign up to get paid for answering vendor pitches – and get less spam.


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Host incredible virtual and in-person events with the platform that powers MOps-Apalooza! Enjoy a 10% discount (be sure to mention this offer to their team). 🎉


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Use the signup button below to claim 500 free recording credits to measure the interactions across your website. Use these advanced analytics to measure heatmaps, time on page, scroll depth, custom conversion funnel analysis (drop-off points, etc), add feedback surveys to your website, and analyze friction points for users from any source of traffic!



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Hand-picked learning content to help with the Ops side of MOPs — ebooks + online learning courses, all available for free to MOPs community members.


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Get Upcraft’s standard email template for Marketo for FREE… plus free custom branding and installation service! Let us build and install this custom email template for you, featuring 12 of the most-used, flexible modules from our premium Master template.


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Grab a demo of ChiliPiper to Qualify, route, and book prospects in minutes seconds


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