ParDreamin’: Dynamic Content taken to a new level

During this ParDreamin’ 2020 session, I talk about Pardot Dynamic Content and how it can be used throughout Pardot. Be warned It’s a fast pace video! So if anyone has questions or would like to dive deeper, find me in the MO Pros Community! 🙂

Video Overview

  • What is Pardot Dynamic Content?! (Great for newer admins / Marketers)
  • How can Dynamic Content be used in email?
  • How can Dynamic Content be used on Landing Pages & Forms

Resources Listed in the Recording

It would be a shame to just show / talk about Dynamic Content. The purpose of the content is to be personal, adjustable, and engaging. So I built a pardot Micro-Site using only pardot features, dedicated to be a Dynamic Content Playground! Click here to access the Microsite! Throughout the site you’ll see little magnifying glasses. Click these! They will show you what’s going on inside Pardot.

Information entered into the Microsite will be delted after 30 days

Screen Shot 2021 01 23 at 10.01.19 AM 2


One of the most powerful tool as marketers is Email. Direct communication with our leads, prospects, and customers. The difference between a bad, good, and great email can make all the difference. See how Pardot Dynamic Content can be used (interactively).

Screen Shot 2021 01 23 at 10.08.16 AM

Landing Pages & Forms

Pardot Landing Pages can be a powerful conversion tool. See how Dynamic Content can elevate that experience to be more personal. Navigation, Headers, and entire sections of your page. Nothing is off the table with Dynamic Content

Screen Shot 2021 01 23 at 10.01.30 AM

Use Case: Account Based Marketing

Dynamic Content isn’t just about Landing Pages, and Emails. You can use it on a program / campaign level. In this use case – we see how we can GATE and UNGATE resources based on if the user is in your ABM / ABX market.

ParDreamin’ Session Recording

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Stephen Stouffer

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