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The 2022 State of the Marketing Operations Professional
“MO Pro”

State of The MO Pros 2022 Research Graphic

We surveyed 550+ marketing operations professionals across 20+ industries to learn the most important trends and data to guide strategy in 2022.

Together, with the help of the incredible community of Marketing Operations Professionals and our sponsors Adobe and Knak we learned about the challenges and opportunities within Marketing Ops.

State of The MO Pros 2022 Research Graphic

In this report, you’ll learn:

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How marketing operations professionals work best

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The platforms and tools top teams are using for marketing operations

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Ways to support marketing operations in your organization

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The impact of
effective marketing operations systems
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The state of the marketing operations professional in 2022

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“There’s been a significant improvement in respect and recognition of marketing operations since doing this survey a year ago, but I still feel we have a way to go,”

- Research Participant

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“I do everything. I’m the only one on my team. I then cross into design and development and work across multiple departments, but don’t feel I’m fairly compensated for everything I do”

- Research Participant

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“It’s a great time to be in marketing ops. I’ve been doing it since 2007 when it was new and exciting — now, it’s better and stronger than ever!”

- Research Participant

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