Thank You, We’re Off and Running!

First I want to thank you for taking the time to join The Marketing Operations Professionals Slack Community better known as “The MOPros”.

I established this community in 2017 to stay connected with the small network of MOPs I had met over the years. Because (as you all know) you’re often a team of one and no one really ‘gets it’ when it comes to your role.

Over time, it became more clear to me that all MOPs needed a place to connect and collaborate… so, this year (2019) I opened up the community to all MOPs.

The Community Update

We now have 316 members (at the time of writing this email) and we’ve averaged nearly 500 messages sent per week with 2/3 of the messages sent being 1:1 conversations. What an awesome thing to see!

As our website says;

“We’re on a mission to be the premier destination for

Marketing Operations Professionals to connect, learn, and grow together.”

I would like to give a big shoutout to Johnny Flanigan for helping me as an Admin in the community. If you see him roaming around the channels, make sure you give him a shaka emoji!

I’ve now heard from multiple community members that they’ve enjoyed the community so much that they would even be willing to contribute their time or even some money to help with the effort. I can’t tell you how amazing that is and how happy that makes me! Thank you, you know who you are.

Honestly, I had never considered opening up a donation page until I heard that.

So, if you are someone who feels they’ve gained (or will soon gain) value from the MO Pros Community and would like to help contribute, I would humbly ask that you submit a donation here.

Donation ?’s See some answers below:

Wait, Slack is free, so what will my donation be used for? 

You’re right, Slack is free but the programs we’re planning (see below) will take some investment in both time and money. Your donation would go a long way in helping to launch, manage and maintain the community website and the future programs we plan to run… keep reading:

What else do you have planned for the community?

AMA’s (Ask Me Anything)

Soon, we plan to have our first Ask Me Anything session with one of your esteemed MOP members. If you are interested (and haven’t already) please take this survey to express your interest in an Ask Me Anything session.

Original Content (like this Marketing Operations Playbook)

We hope to generate more original content for the website.

Sponsored In-Person Events

If possible, I would like to sponsor some events for fellow MOPs to meet in person. Maybe we’ll just buy a round of drink for you, but we may bring in some partners to help offset the cost of those things. If your company is interested in sponsoring, please let us know.

Job Board

We are considering a job board for the website, but again this takes time (and money) to manage. If you donate it’ll help a lot!

Digital Resources

Templates, toolkits and interview guides. All this is on the table…

Software (SaaS)

Believe it or not, we have ideas for great products too (shocking right?). If you’re interested in helping us build tools that make your life better, donate today. Want to hear more about the tools we have in mind? Email me.

With gratitude,

Mike Rizzo

MO Pros

About The Author — Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo, is the Community-led Founder of MO Pros and With his extensive background in marketing Mike helped build, launch, manage and optimize Mavenlink's first-ever user community and Client Advisory Board programs. He is the founder of MO Pros - The Community for Marketing Operations Pros that is growing with an average of 110 new members every month. He is also the co-host of the podcast called Ops Cast by MO Pros. As the founder of, Mike is taking a community-led approach to building resources that are purpose-built for MO Pros.

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