The Best Resource to Help You Get Certified in Eloqua

Have you ever thought about getting certified in Eloqua? Whether you are a pro Eloqua user or someone that’s interested in learning more about Eloqua, certification helps in different ways. It can help authenticate your knowledge about the marketing automation platform you use or give you that break in a new role that involves working on Eloqua.

Oracle has revamped their learning subscription and certification paths in 2020. All the certification paths are offered directly by Oracle and almost all of them are paid (except Eloqua Explorer) which comes included with their yearly ‘Cloud Learning Subscription’ option. This paid cloud learning subscription provides detailed training, use cases, hands-on labs along with various learning paths required to achieve various accreditations and certification. 

Note: ‘Cloud Learning Subscription’ also includes Responsys and BlueKai training, accreditation and certification.

Here’s the break-down and details of each accreditation and certification:

Free Entry Level Training

  • Eloqua Explorer

Oracle CX Marketing ‘Cloud Learning Subscription’

  1. Eloqua Accreditation Programs:
  • Eloqua Master
  • Eloqua Campaign Execution Master
  • Eloqua Marketing Creative Master
  • Eloqua Marketing Operations Master
  • Eloqua Insight Master
  1. Oracle Eloqua Certification Program:
  • Oracle Eloqua CX Marketing 2020 Implementation Essentials

I have found that apart from the training provided in the learning subscription and the hands-on experience, Oracle Topliners is an amazing resource as well as community for practical use cases and for getting our questions answered. Oracle Eloqua certification highlighted above is probably the ultimate certificate to have which is taken through a monitored virtual (or physical depending on the location) environment.


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Ankit Sharma

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