Marketing Ops Local Chapters

Available to Pro and Pro Plus Members

Community is at our core

Fuel your future with connections and expertise from an international community of members from the world’s fastest-growing companies.

5,500+ global members

We have thousands of members worldwide with expertise and knowledge to draw from, but we know nothing beats a local community of your peers.

Private peer groups

Safe spaces for problem-solving and making meaningful connections with functional and cross-functional peers, led by a trained and experienced moderator.

Elevated Executive Events

Meet face-to-face with Executive peers during our yearly Functional Summits, and weekly salon dinners throughout North America, the UK, EMEA, and APAC.

Your Chapter, Your Home

Your MarketingOps chapter is more than just a membership; it’s your home base. It’s where you meet local peers, share regional pride, and face challenges together under the guidance of experienced chapter heads and committees.

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Growing Together

Our chapters are regionalized and launched based on member-growth in that region and, most important, on the leaders that want to help shape the future of Marketing Ops.

Chapters are supported by our Chapter Leader Playbook — helping our leaders and members make the most of their local community experiences.

Chapter launch locations
Planned chapters
Don’t see your city listed here? Check out our application to become an Emerging Chapter.

*Still requires a Chapter Head. If interested, please reach out.

Emerging chapters

From Vancouver to Austin, London to the Bay Area, we’re both established and emerging. Our ambition? To bring MarketingOps chapters to cities worldwide. If your city isn’t listed, consider leading the charge by applying to become an Chapter Leader in one of our Planned chapter regions.

Don’t see your region as “planned”? That’s okay, you should submit your region as the next chapter we should launch!

If you are interested in supporting an emerging chapter in your area, the following criteria must be met:

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Good standing

You’re a Pro or Pro Plus member in good standing with an active subscription.

Brand ambassador

You have a strong knowledge of the MarketingOps brand and our offerings.

Core values

You agree to represent the MarketingOps values.


You must submit an application to found an Emerging chapter

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Become a chapter leader

Being a chapter leader is about making a difference. It’s about recruiting, hosting events, and being the go-to MarketingOps expert. It’s an opportunity to boost your personal brand, connect with the community, and grow with us.

As a Chapter Leader in our MarketingOps family, your journey involves:

Recruiting new members via regular campaigns, and welcome new members / engage inactive members via phone calls, email, Slack, LinkedIn and other channels

Hosting one engaging chapter meeting each month, including a local in-person event every quarter, to keep our community vibrant and connected.

Becoming the go-to source for your chapter, ready to support and inspire your local MarketingOps enthusiasts.

Playing a pivotal role as a community builder and brand ambassador, where you'll team up with our MarketingOps corporate family to boost our community's growth.

Enjoying rewards for your hard work, including a commission for new active members you bring into our fold and bonuses that celebrate your success in expanding our community.

Apply to be a chapter head

Once you’ve reviewed the full description of roles and responsibilities of a chapter head, it’s time to submit your application!