No BS Martech Demos

We skip the form and give you a no BS look at leading marketing technology products…

Here’s the BS You deal with:

  • You want a demo, but filling out a demo request form… bs
  • Then you bs back and forth…
  • Getting nurture content afterward… bs (most of it anyway)
  • Unsubscribing… bs
    (where is that little “text-decoration:none;” link anyway?!?)
  • Pricing discussions…bs
bs deal img
img nobs

Our No BS demos answer
these 10ish questions:

  • What Is The Product/What does It Do/ Why Does It Exist?
  • Why Do Mo Pros Use Your Product?
(Ideally, Provide 3 Key Examples of Where Your Product Shines)
  • What Integrations Are Most Frequently Used?
  • What’s The Average Size Of Your Customer?
  • What’s The Average Time To Complete An Implementation?
  • What’s The Pricing Model And Are Their Setup Costs?
  • Which Internal Teams Are Added To Get Fully Implemented?
  • Are External Agencies/Consultants Need To Be Successful?
  • What Support Options Are Available And Do They Cost More?
  • What Is The Average Time It Takes To See Success 
(ROI, Goal Achieved, Campaign Sent, Etc)