Launches Career and Community Platform for Marketing Operations Professionals

Community-led platform offers networking opportunities, career development tools, and educational resources for more than 3,000 “MO Pros”

IRVINE—, a new platform for marketing operations professionals, launched today. The website aims to serve the 12 million global professionals in the industry—starting with the 2,800 members of the existing MO Pros community:

“We’re thrilled to reveal this new home for marketing operations,” said Mike Rizzo, CEO of MarketingOps. “We want to give all MO Pros the tools they need to learn new things, connect with peers, and thrive in their careers.”

In recent years, demand for marketing operations talent has skyrocketed. Employers face a severe shortage of marketing operations talent, with more than 83,000 marketing ops positions currently unfilled

However, according to the 2021 “State of the MO Pro” report, 32% of professionals don’t have a defined marketing ops team or role and struggle to find the resources and support they need within their companies. They also lacked a place to access educational and job resources tailored to their job function.

MarketingOps aims to fill this gap for both marketers and businesses:

  • Professionals can access resources to understand new tools, get questions answered, and grow their careers
  • Employers can find marketing operations talent and up-level their employees
  • Vendors can educate professionals about relevant products and services
  • Students can access online courses and mentors to further develop their job skills

MarketingOps is a new phase of the existing MO Pros community. Founded in 2017, the vibrant organization features an active Slack group with 1,200 monthly posts, a popular podcast, and even an in-person “Summer Camp” where professionals can socialize and connect.

New MarketingOps capabilities launching today include:

  • Free professional profile pages for marketing operations professionals
  • A searchable job board exclusively for marketing ops roles
  • On-demand Marketing Technology demonstrations from leading providers
  • Exclusive Martech offers and discounts for members
  • Automated member introductions

For individuals, MarketingOps offers free and paid membership tiers. All paid members of the MO Pros community will automatically gain membership to MarketingOps at no additional cost.

Several high-profile companies have already sponsored the new platform, including Shift Paradigm, Stack Moxie, and Knak.

About The Author — Mike Rizzo
Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo, is the Community-led Founder of MO Pros and With his extensive background in marketing Mike helped build, launch, manage and optimize Mavenlink's first-ever user community and Client Advisory Board programs. He is the founder of MO Pros - The Community for Marketing Operations Pros that is growing with an average of 110 new members every month. He is also the co-host of the podcast called Ops Cast by MO Pros. As the founder of, Mike is taking a community-led approach to building resources that are purpose-built for MO Pros.

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