Planning for 2024: Insights from the 2023 State of the Marketing Ops Pro Report

As we approach the end of 2023, forward-thinking Marketing Operations professionals are already setting their sights on 2024. Whether you’re a practitioner on the front lines, a team leader orchestrating multiple campaigns, or an executive strategizing the next big move, planning is paramount. 

The insights we’ve gathered from the 2023 State of the MO Pro Report are designed to equip you with the knowledge and foresight to make a significant impact in the coming year.

Why This Research Matters

In the fast-paced world of Marketing Operations, staying updated with the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Our research provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current landscape, offering actionable insights and data-driven recommendations for professionals at all levels.

Key Takeaways From the Report

  • Seniority and Its Implications:
    • A significant 57% of professionals align with the manager or senior manager level.
    • 12% have ascended to the VP or executive level, while 15% are navigating the early stages of their careers in roles like specialist or coordinator.
    • These figures underscore the diverse range of experiences and perspectives within the Marketing Ops community.
  • The Value Conundrum:
    • Feeling valued is a cornerstone of job satisfaction and performance.
    • Our data indicates subtle shifts in perceptions related to compensation, understanding, and overall value.
    • Addressing these shifts proactively can lead to more engaged and productive teams.
  • Collaborative Dynamics:
    • Marketing Ops professionals in smaller organizations (revenues less than $10 million) showcase a high degree of collaboration with Sales (69%) and Sales Operations (55%).
    • As organizational revenue scales, these dynamics evolve, highlighting the need for tailored collaboration strategies.
  • Yearly Priorities:
    • Our research offers a deep dive into the primary focus areas for Marketing Ops teams in 2023.
    • From strategic planning to analytics, understanding these priorities can inform your 2024 strategies.
  • Tenure Insights:
    • The depth and nature of involvement in various activities can vary based on an individual’s tenure.
    • For instance, those with less than 3 years in the field are heavily involved in reporting & analytics.

Looking Ahead to 2024

With these insights in hand, you’re better equipped to strategize for 2024. Whether it’s refining collaboration methods, addressing value perceptions, or aligning with broader organizational priorities, the “2023 State of the MO Pro” report offers a roadmap.

Get the Full Picture

While this post provides a brief overview, there’s a wealth of detailed insights, data, and recommendations in the full report. Dive deep, derive actionable strategies, and set the stage for a successful 2024.

Download the Full "State of the Marketing Ops Pro 2023" Report

💥 Download the Full “State of the Marketing Ops Pro 2023” Report Here

About The Author — Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo, is the Community-led Founder of MO Pros and With his extensive background in marketing Mike helped build, launch, manage and optimize Mavenlink's first-ever user community and Client Advisory Board programs. He is the founder of MO Pros - The Community for Marketing Operations Pros that is growing with an average of 110 new members every month. He is also the co-host of the podcast called Ops Cast by MO Pros. As the founder of, Mike is taking a community-led approach to building resources that are purpose-built for MO Pros.

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