7 of the Top HubSpot Experts all Marketing Ops Folks Need to Follow

HubSpot is an amazing platform for sales, marketing, and (yes!) now operations. But it can be a bear to manage and utilize, especially if you’re new to the platform, stumped by a particular issue, or have limited bandwidth for building out your marketing and sales strategies. 

What helps is having a list of go-to HubSpot experts that you can look to for answers and insights faster. We’re not promising that all these folks will be able to help you for free, but what we can guarantee is that every one of these HubSpot thought leaders are gracious with their content and knowledge online, making it easy to tap into their brain and get some help.  

Disclaimer: This isn’t necessarily the only list of HubSpot experts, but it was one that we felt accurately represented some of the most active HubSpot content creators out there. If there are others you’d like to see us mention or invite into the MOPros community, please comment or tag us on social media and we’ll check ‘em out. 

Okay, let’s dive in. 

Dan Tyre

Sales Director at HubSpot

Dan was one of the first employees at HubSpot and continues to bleed orange today. His role as the founding salesperson has him sharing HubSpot knowledge, insights, and even book readings from his famous Inbound Organization. He’s known for his saying “oh baby” as he gets you riled up for the proper way to sell using HubSpot tools. He also coined the word “SMarketing” which refers to the alignment between sales and marketing. 

Kyle Jepson

Senior Inbound Sales Professor at HubSpot

If you watch any of the HubSpot Academy videos, you may recognize this smart fellow. He’s an academy professor in the HubSpot certification programs, but he’s also a popular tips and tricks thought leader on LinkedIn. When you visit his profile, you can find him posting the latest tips and tricks to save you time and streamline your workflows in HubSpot. 

We even learned about a new way to add time to a date property from him recently.👇

By the way, congratulations to Kyle on celebrating five years at HubSpot this last month!

Chris van Praag

New Business Development Consultant at BabelQuest

Chris is a hoot to follow on social media. Instead of the typical B2B buzzword-filled content, he uses humor and pop culture to draw up conversations about HubSpot. One of the things we like about Chris is that he knows the HubSpot platform inside and out, but he’s also a power user of Vidyard. Marketing and sales departments have been talking about this being the “year of video” since, well, the beginning of time it seems like. But many companies are still waffling in figuring out how to use tools like Vidyard in their sales process. If you want a glimpse at how to do it with your sales teams, Chris models this well, plus he chimes in about Vidyard new features often and how to use them with HubSpot. 

He’s definitely worth a follow! 💯

George B. Thomas

Inbound Evangelist at Impulse Creative 

Any HubSpot thought leader list would not be complete without the famed SprocketTalk host! 

George has built a great library of content around HubSpot and most recently, shifted that into an online community where HubSpot users can come to get answers to their questions, learn more about new features, and get customized training right inside their community. While a price does apply here, we’re sure it’s worth the cash. George does have a variety of content available for free, so check it out and give him a follow as well. 

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

This one is kind of cheating since these two are the founders of HubSpot. But we couldn’t NOT put them on this list. And here’s why: while they’re not in the weeds of HubSpot or marketing/sales like some of these other thought leaders are, Brian and Dharmesh have keen insight as to the general shifts in consumer behavior and how HubSpot is responding. 

Their keynote address at INBOUND 2020 really reinforced how companies shifted their digital presence because of COVID and further reinforced the need to roll out Operations Hub. While those of us in operations recognize that Operations Hub isn’t quite as robust as we want it to be yet, in following these thought leaders we think we’ll get some insights about where it’s headed. 

HubSpot Hacks/Ali & Tyler

Ok, you may notice something similar about the author of this blog and the name here . . . yes, it’s me! Shameless plug aside, myself and my team at Simple Strat have been creating HubSpot content for the last couple of years now and it’s become a go-to resource for thousands with hundreds of thousands of views online. While tutorials aren’t exactly new, the way we execute and walk you through specific steps in HubSpot keeps viewers engaged so they can soak up all the knowledge. Help us surpass our goal of 10,000 subscribers in 2021!

As your MAP Chair for HubSpot in the MOPros community (and sponsors for MOPros summer camp!), I’m all ears for what types of videos, resources, guides, and tutorials you’d like to see to help you with HubSpot. We listen to feedback from HubSpot users, then we go to work.

Any experts that you’d like to add to this list?

Chime in! We know HubSpot can present challenges for the operations leader. But you don’t have to go at it alone. 

In fact, you shouldn’t. HubSpot has an amazing community of super users and folks who LOVE to teach – like the experts mentioned above.

Find a YouTube channel, subscribe to a podcast, join a community, (hit up the #map-hubspot channel in MOPros slack!) and start engaging to unlock the true potential of HubSpot! 

About The Author — Ali Schwanke
Ali Schwanke

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